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Gong Sound Relaxation Bath

I am currently nearing the final phase of my training to become a Gong Practitioner with the College of Sound Healing. This is a year long course consisting of 60 hours hands on tutoring by Sheila Whittaker, and 36 case studies.

How Gong Sound Affects the Brain.

The sound of the gong lowers the frequency of the brainwaves. In effect the brain slows down, it tunes in, or "entrains" to the gong sounds.

The human brain is divided into two distinct hemispheres- the left side is the logical, thinking, rational, analytical side.

The right side is the intuitive, random, creative, subjective, holistic side.

The gong sounds help shift the focus to the right side of the brain, giving the left side a rest & allowing the listener to produce first alpha waves, then theta & sometimes delta brainwaves.

Someone whose brain produces alpha brainwaves will have a very calm, relaxaing experience at the gongbath.

When the listener enters the theta state it is an entirely different matter. All sorts of things can occur- visions, repressed emotions, subconscious memories, dreams, heightened states of awareness, as well as deep calm & relaxation. The theta state is very powerful for healing & also giving as an insight into any challenges we may have. People often get answers to questions they have been puzzling over when in the theta braiwave state, which is said to attune to universal knowledge & wisdom.