Because life is supposed to feel fun!

Why Acorn Yoga?

“From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow”

An acorn has the potential to become a beautiful oak tree. It requires nourishment to send out roots and sprout into growth. The acorn does not turn into an oak tree overnight. It takes around thirty years for an acorn to become a youthful oak tree. Many years later it will be large, impressive and majestic.

Sometimes, we can feel small and insignificant.

Sometimes, we can believe that we can’t be impressive or influential.

Sometimes, we can place limits on our potential to grow into something magnificent.

We need to be our own type of acorn. We need to turn our dreams into goals and plan to reach those goals.

Yoga provides us with nurture and support to start our journey to realize our true fulfillment and potential.

When we practice yoga we stop juggling and making ‘to do lists’, we develop a healthy relationship with ourselves, and from this, honesty and happiness emerges. An authentic, happy person will automatically empower others and sow a seed of happiness in them, so you will be attractive to people.

Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.