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Some Frequently Asked Questions

I am not very ‘bendy’ and quite stiff. Is yoga about twisting yourself into knots and strange positions?
NO! Definitely not. Yoga will help you to increase your natural flexibility and keep your joints mobile. We are all unique and individual and yoga is about you and working with your body and mind.

My Doctor has recommended I try yoga to help me deal with stress.
Stress, anxiety and insomnia are just a few reasons that bring people to yoga. Come to Acorn Yoga with an open mind and experience the benefits of yoga.

I have never been to a yoga class before and do not know what to expect. Will I feel out of place?
Yoga is non competitive, so there is no need to feel concerned about being new in the class. There is always a mixture of ages and abilities in a class. Everyone is encouraged to work to their own level.

I have back problems and am worried about exercising.
Sufferers of backache, and many other conditions experience pain relief and greater positive outlook from practicing yoga. Of course you should check with your doctor first. The specialised evidence based 12 week course YOGA for HEALTHY LOWER BACKS will help you to improve back health and function. (Arthritis Research UK/University of York)

Is there an age limit to practice yoga?
No. Whether you are 18 or 98 yoga will be beneficial to you. Age and level of fitness are no barrier. Yoga is low impact and with appropriate adaptations is suitable for everyone.

Are there any men in the class?
Yes, but not enough. Men are welcome and once they try yoga they appreciate the benefits. Historically, some of the greatest yoga teachers have been men.

I am fit and play sport regularly, how can yoga help me?
Many sports celebrities practice yoga as part of their training. It enhances your fitness, helps retain/build flexibility and strength and prevents injuries. Learning to use your breath more efficiently can improve your performance. Yoga brings clarity and focus to the mind, which may give you a competitive edge!

Do I need to buy special clothes or equipment?
No – just wear clothes you can move in comfortably - jogging pants, leggings, t-shirts and a sweatshirt. Yoga is practiced in bare feet or Toesox which have sticky nonslip pads on the soles. You will need a yoga mat, but for your 1st class I can lend you one. There are many designs and styles- I will be happy to recommend a good quality one.

I am not really interested in the spiritual aspects. I just want to relax and stretch.
People come to yoga for many reasons. Fundamentally yoga provides many ways of experiencing a deeper understanding of ourselves. You take from a class what is appropriate for you and leave the rest behind! For those who want to learn more about any aspect of yoga, there are opportunities to develop and expand knowledge.