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Back ache is a common problem. 1 in 3 people say they have felt back pain within the last month; 50% in the last year; 80% in their lifetime. Now there is an innovative evidence-based way to improve back health and function. 

The University of York funded by Arthritis Research UK ran one of the largest yoga research studies in the UK for chronic back pain. The positive results showed it to be safe and effective.(Annals of Internal Medicine 2011) 

Who are Classes For?

This yoga is designed for people who have non-specific episodic/recurring low back pain. It is gentle, effective, beginner friendly, cost effective, teaches and motivates Health and Wellbeing.

Yoga Class Format

The 12 x 75 minute class course comprises easy foundational yoga poses. Participants learn yoga for pain relief, good posture and improvement of their back health for now and the future. Aims are re-education and re-alignment of the body plus raised self awareness and relaxation.


12 x 75 minute classes

The course includes the "Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs" book and relaxation CD. Colour handouts are provided for home practice.

From £220.00 depending on class size. Maximum number of students is 10.