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I have suffered from lower back pain for 20 years now - though I maintain an active life. When I started the YOGA for HEALTHY LOWER BACKS course I was in a lot of pain and had very little mobility. At the end of the course I was completely pain free. I was sceptical at the start - but ready to try something new after years of painful episodes with my back. As well as providing relief - I feel that I have some new tools to deal with future episodes, and to strengthen my back so it doesn't prevent me from doing activities such as climbing, kitesurfing ,sailing ,football and generally following an active life. It was a delight to be taught by Rachel - she has an infectious cheerfulness, has a great knowledge in this area - and a way of teaching that makes it more likely that the knowledge will stick....

Professor Peter Cowling (Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs 12 week course) 

Rachel preps carefully for each session, makes sure that everyone on the course ia able to keep up with the exercises and comes up with options to suit different abilities. She is always cheerful and goes out of her way to make you feel welcome.

Ilona (Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs)

Rachel I am enjoying yoga classes, thanks, have noticed an improvement in mobility and my left side is less stiff and my left hip ache is better x thanks Diane

Rachel is warm, friendly and approachable. She has a careful, structured approach to building up to postures and sequences and gives individual attention and adjustment where needed. I have had other yoga teachers who didn’t pay this sort of attention to detail, safety and accuracy! I enjoy the variety of breathing and meditation techniques she teaches and uses.

Rachel is always cheerful, friendly and welcoming. Her classes are enjoyable and offer a balance of physical and mental workout and relaxation. Rachel encourages us to work at our own level and is always happy to give advice, in a sensitive manner. I look forward to my yoga classes and always come away feeling much better, especially after a hard day.

I look forward to my Tuesday evening yoga. It is my relaxation time. I don’t compete with myself. Rachel has the ability to make everyone feel perfect just where they are

Fun, relaxing, open teacher, relaxed style- even when invigorating

Rachel’s yoga classes are great. She motivates the class with her expertise, enthusiasm and good humour. I always leave feeling nicely stretched, uplifted and calm.

Thoroughly enjoy- very relaxed environment- go home on another planet!